The larp



Lucifer, the ruler of Hell, has quit his job to spend the rest of eternity on vacation. The gates of Hell are locked and all the resident tortured souls and infernal demons are on the outside: Creation is out of balance. Purely out of spite, Lucifer gave the key to Hell to Morpheus – also known as Dream – and left it to him to choose a worthy successor. Dream had barely received the key before candidates began arriving in the Dreaming. Those who wish to claim Hell as their own are mostly old gods who see this as a chance for survival. However, in this vast array we also find angels, demons and other mythological creatures. While most are after the key, some individuals are merely there to observe the spectacle. Morpheus has made the best of the situation and is hosting a feast for his guests, but he knows that before the feast is over he will have to make a decision: who will be the new ruler over the most valuable real estate in all of Creation?



At its core Sandman: Season of Mists is a high-fantasy atmospheric larp. It is a lighthearted larp which gives players the possibility to “go crazy” with their characters, both when it comes to personality and attire (if they want to). There is high potential for an intrigue-filled game, but the players have complete responsibility for creating their own intrigues and relationships. The larp also offers a certain degree of deeper roleplaying for those who wish, not least related to the fading existence threatening many of the gods. The larp takes place in a blackbox-esque environment with aesthetic light and sound, and we will actively use our imagination to create the dreamworld around us. Furthermore the larp will include a couple of techniques like Meta room and Monologues.


Style of gameplay

The style is dramatic. As a player you should play to create exciting situations and conflicts, and work on driving the larp forwards both for yourself and for others. Dare to put your character in trouble, but play to lift your fellow larpers as well. The quickest way from A to B is a straight line, but it is much more fun to go in a zig-zag line and end up in C. During the larp participants should actively be interested in the other characters so everyone gets chances to brag about their deeds and shine with their divinity.


Should you have read the Sandman comics before the larp?

No, it is in no way a must, but if you have the possibility to do so it is great!  The comics contain no spoilers for the larp, but can give some good insight into the universe the larp takes place in.



Participating in Sandman: Season of Mists is a conscious choice to take responsibility for your own larping experience and above all to have fun, during preparations as well as during the larp!