Anders Karls

Is some important information missing on the website? Do you have questions or thoughts about the larp? Don’t hesitate to contact the gamemaster!



The larp will be held the 24th of November 2018.
The event will take place between 11 and 21 o’clock. Preparations and post-larp work is expected to take a total of 4-5 hours and the larp itself is estimated to 5-6 hours. Help will be needed to get the place ready before the larp and restore it afterwards.



The larp will be held at Årvasgården in Oravais (Slagfältsvägen 20). We will be larping in the great hall which will be decorated with different materials and dimly lit. The location should be accessible for people with different disabilities. Contact the gamemaster if you have questions!



The participation fee is 25€, but if you’re a member of the roleplaying association Eloria you only have to pay 20€. Larp guides get a further 5€ discount. The income from the participation fees will primarily go to covering the rent for the venue. If the income is high some will go to financing the aesthetic aspect of the event.



Minimum 15 participants (+ 1 gamemaster).



The larp will primarily be played in Swedish, but English can also be used. All material will be made available in English.


Age limit

To participate in the larp you have to be at least 13 years old, however, recommended age is at least 15 years old. If you are a young participant, or new to larping, there is a possibility of having a larp guide.


Larp guides

A larp guide is a responsible adult who will be there to guide a beginner both during preparations and during the larp. The larp guide can help with e.g. character-writing and creating relations, and should actively see to that the new player have a positive larping experience. Even though this larp is a safe environment for everyone, the larp guide can be an extra safety e.g. for parents sending their adolescents larping.
When signing up for the larp you state if you wish to have a larp guide or if you could act as one.


Flow of information

The website will remain largely unchanged up to the larp. All additional information will be sent to the participants over e-mail and published on a Google-drive accessible to all participants.

All who are interested, no matter if they have decided to attend the larp or not, may join this Facebook group:
Sandman ~ Intressegrupp
In this group you may ask questions, get tips on which character to pick, or just follow everything that is happening : )

Those who sign up for the larp will be invited to this Facebook group:
This group is better for creating relationships and intrigues between characters, ask for help with writing and costume, as well as ask specific questions about the larp.

You do not have to become  a member in Facebook if you not already are. All important information will be sent to the participants via e-mail.



During the larp we use The General Larp Rules of Eloria.
(The following paragraphs are unimportant for the larp: 17, 18, 20, 21, 24, 27)


Clothes & Props

Participants will provide their own clothes and props. For those who want to, there are great possibilities to let the inspiration flow and get creative, however the clothes should not be an obstacle nor cause anxiety! Gods and other beings come in many shapes and you can keep it simple and modern. Inspiration can be drawn from the first run of the larp:
…and from this Pinterest-board (don’t let yourself be intimidated):
… and from other players in the Facebook-groups!

The gamemaster is a professional costume designer and can also be contacted for advice, practical tips and ideas.



During the larp a banquet is held and all participants should bring the food and drink the character will eat during the larp. The food should be edible cold or room-temperature and should already be put on a tray before the larp begins. There is a fridge in the building, but it may be wise to bring your food in your own cool box. A couple of participants will be selected to serve the food. 
The banquet is held in the realm of dreams where any wish can be granted; here there is room for creativity! Perhaps a faery prefers eating a salad made from the petals of certain flowers? Might a demon want to feast on human brains? Or Tutankhamen-beef jerky? Or perhaps your character prefers a 6 course dégustation made from extinct animals? Or perhaps they’ll just go for nuts and some juice! It is up to each player to choose how simple or extravagant the food and drink is!


Signing up

Sign-up is open from 8th October to 11th of November.




Many people are contributing to making this larp as good as possible! They are:

Gamemaster ~ Anders Karls
Gamedesign ~ Vivi Bolin
Emotional support ~ Sandra Holmqvist
Character coordinator ~ Anette Sjöskog
Sound designer ~ Kevin Smulter
Translation of the website ~ Linn Törnqvist
Content inspection of website ~ Emma Löfdahl & Vivi Bolin

…and there will be more!


Thank you

Oravais ungdomsförening
Wasa Teater



The larp Sandman: Seasons of Mists is created by Vivi Bolin, based on the fourth book in the series The Sandman written by Neil Gaiman.
Smaller alterations in the gamedesign have been made by Anders Karls.
The larp is arranged under Finlands Svenska Rollspelsförening Eloria rf.

The picture in the header is owned by DC Comics.
The images on the website are made by
Hieronymus Bosch (1470–1516).