“It’s all yours, now, Morpheus.
You’re the sole monarch of a locked and empty Hell.
Perhaps I ought to have given it to you with my best wishes.
I could have told you I hoped it would bring you happiness.
But somehow… Somehow I doubt it will.”


The dream king sits alone, his brow deeply furrowed, and the key given to him by the former king of Hell weighs heavy in his hand. The words of the angel still echo in his ears and Lucifer was right. The desperate are already gathering outside the gates of the Dreaming and more are coming. Everyone is there to lay claim on Hell, and to many gods it is a question of survival in a world where the old myths are falling into oblivion. Morpheus feels how all the eyes of the Creation consciously and subconsciously have turned their gazes towards the heart of the Dreaming. There is no escape, no way to escape responsibility. The Dreaming will have to host a quarrel among divinities about the ownership of the most sought-after realm in all of Creation. What could go wrong…?


Sandman: Season of Mists is a larp that takes place in the realm of dreams during a feast that Morpheus is hosting. The participants play gods or mythological creatures who have all come to lay claim on the key to Hell. It is a larp for those who want to play a cool and interesting character among other equally cool and interesting characters. It is a larp with potential for a lot of intrigues, but also deep roleplaying, in an aesthetically blackbox-esque environment.


November 24th, 2018 ~ Oravais


This larp was created by Vivi Bolin and was held for the first time 2011. In response to the people’s wishes the larp will be held again, this time arranged by Anders Karls. The larp is based on the events of Sandman: Season of Mists, the fourth instalment in the comic book series about the Sandman by Neil Gaiman. The larp is arranged under Finlands Svenska Rollspelsförening Eloria rf.


In the realm of dreams, everything is possible…